FUT Hair Transplants in North Ayrshire

FUT Hair Transplants in North Ayrshire

If you are looking for a company that offers FUT Hair Transplants at a great cost, please contact us today for help and advice.

FUT Procedure in North Ayrshire

FUT Procedure in North Ayrshire

Wanting to have an FUT procedure carried out? We can explain the ins and outs of the procedure in detail before you go ahead.

Follicular Unit Transplant in North Ayrshire

Follicular Unit Transplant in North Ayrshire

A Follicular Unit Transplant is a great way to restore confidence. If you would like a cost, please enquire today.

FUT Hair Transplants in North Ayrshire

When it comes to regaining your confidence through hair regrowth, there are few better options available to UK people than FUT hair transplants. At Your Hair Transplants, we offer FUT hair transplants in North Ayrshire KA22 8 at a great affordable price.

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Fast, safe and available to adults across the UK, FUT is a viable solution for many people who are struggling with hair loss and thinning hair.  Losing your hair doesn’t mean that you have to live the rest of your life without it.

FUT treatments are popular with many visitors to our clinic for a variety of reasons.  In many ways, FUT can often be quicker than FUE (https://www.yourhairtransplant.co.uk/fue/north-ayrshire/) and other services we provide. 

However, our aim is always to make sure that you receive treatment and service which is appropriate and practical for your profile and your needs. 

Therefore, we always encourage you to have a chat with us about what you are looking for from a transplant.

Follicular Unit Transplant

A Follicular Unit Transplant, or FUT treatment, is a leading form of hair regrowth surgery.  It is often one of the first options that people consider when they are experiencing thinning hair or extensive hair loss. 

This is because the procedure is considered comprehensive, as well as one which can offer the best results to specific people. 

Some may even find FUT in North Ayrshire KA22 8 to be more affordable than other treatments available, though this will naturally vary from person to person. 

We make sure to offer affordable, competitive pricing to all our visitors, and for all the services we provide.

What is FUT?

FUT is slightly different from FUE in that it takes an alternative route towards transplanting hair onto your head. 

FUT procedures will involve some surgery, however, this is so that donor follicles can be given the best opportunity to take effect in your scalp. 

The FUT procedure is never considered long, and what’s more, results may start showing sooner than you think during the aftercare procedure.

It is one of the leading forms of hair transplant care in the UK, as well as on the planet.  We make sure to offer FUT care to UK patients who may be considering going overseas. 

We want to ensure that you have access to the best FUT specialist care on your doorstep.  Taking a chance on our clinic will mean that you do not need to worry about heading abroad for extensive or invasive procedures in a strange country.

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The FUT procedure is simple. 

  • Through surgery, a donor's hair and follicles will be precisely grafted into your scalp. 
  • This procedure will require an anaesthetic. 
  • Some people may find that FUT is a little more invasive than FUE, but the choice is ultimately that of the patient. 

We will never push or force any of our customers into a decision or a position where they may not know what is best for them.

The procedure for FUT is careful yet efficient.  Before any surgery or treatment takes place, we will sit with you and talk through everything you can expect. 

This way, you are never going to be in the dark on any matters relating to your FUT.


Recovery can take some weeks and even months for full results to shine through.  We want to make sure that we set you up with the best head of hair possible, that which has been carefully matched with a donor, and which can regrow naturally through the weeks and months to come. 

We feel that great hair takes time to regrow.  We, therefore, offer all our visitors extensive aftercare packages, as well as plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to learn more about the end result.

Recovery is not painful, and if you are worried about the process once your surgery is complete, we recommend you chat with our team in full about what you can expect.

How Much is FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT hair transplant costs can vary.  There are some variables involved which can change the cost, however, do take a look at our costs and prices page (https://www.yourhairtransplant.co.uk/costs/north-ayrshire/). 

Here, you can get a good idea of what to expect when it comes to your services bill. 

However, we do always encourage you to call our team directly, so that we can build you a quote you can rely on. 

We will never charge you for more than the treatment you actually receive.

Best FUT Hair Transplant Doctors in North Ayrshire

What makes our team the best FUT hair transplant doctors around? 

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Our years of expertise, careful attention to detail and consistent success help to make us a name and clinic brand that people turn to when they need help regaining essential confidence.

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